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be you.

be yourself












There are so many things in life that try to tell us how to be. And who to be. We have to have the latest technical device, the coolest and hottest brand of clothes, the biggest crib filled with the latest in interior design. We have to have the right shoes, the right hair do, the right make up, the right nose, the right everything.

With everyone living like what the they are told we’ll all end up alike. With no distinction between us. No personality, and nothing that differentiates one person from another. We’ll all be the same.

But aren’t we made different?

I love making things; cards, socks, scarves, food, anything really. When I make things I make them different on purpose. I want what I make to have something that distincts one from the other. That’s the art of anything that’s homemade. That’s something that factories can never achieve because they produce a certain product from the same mold.

We are all homemade. (Some parents argue differently.. Haha…) God didn’t use a mold to make you. He used His bare hands to mold and shape you so that each one of us would be different. He didn’t want us the same, He wanted us all different and unique. That’s why He made us that way. So why on earth do we try to be just like everyone else.

There is such a freedom in being comfortable in your own skin. Being okay with being you. That’s how you were meant to live, like you. You are the best you there will ever be, but if you try to be someone else you’ll just end up being a false impression of that person. So why not be you! You are the best you the world will ever have. You have a place that only you can fill in this world. So be you. It will bless the rest of us.

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