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«It’s what you make it!»

A couple of days ago I was in a church service and the speaker made this comment; “It’s what you make it”! I probably should have continued listening to the rest of the message but I couldn’t stop thinking of this statement. It repeated itself in my head over and over again; “It’s what you make it”! “It’s what you make it”! “It’s what you make it”!

Have you ever been in a situation that’s just okey; it’s not good or bad? Or even a situation that kind of sucks just because you feel tiered and exhausted? I know I have. Like going to school or work and it seems like it’s just another day just like all the others. There is nothing special about it what so ever. Maybe it’s even something you’ve been looking forward to but it just hasn’t turned out like expected. You might even feel like your life is repeating itself every week, or worse; every day!

I know how that feels. Been there, done that, bought the t-shirt (bad joke, I know). I’ve asked God on several occasions why the weather always seems grey.  The frustrating thing is that I actually never got an answer. It almost felt like God was making fun of me because I didn’t get it; like He was sitting up in heaven laughing at me because I didn’t know the answer already.

So what do you do when you don’t get an answer? Yep, you continue living in the grey weather hoping you one day will get a revelation of what’s wrong, or rather how to live life more to the fullest.

So here I am, confused in a way, even though I have a good life, and I step into this meeting and the first thing that meets me is the answer to the question that’s been following me around for a while; “It’s what you make it”! Even though I hadn’t thought about it for some time I knew straight away that this was God slapping me in the face with the answer I should’ve understood the whole time. (God seems to always be a bit sarcastic with me, he..)

In this postmodernist age we live in we often live with the assumption that it’s what we have, what someone else gives to us or what we may have in the future that should determine how happy we are. The more we have the better life is. We depend on others to make us happy, and if they don’t we find someone else that will. It’s all about me, myself and I. How can I have the best day possible? How can I have the best life ever? How can I be happier? There’s a lot of I’s walking around!

But actually what I’ve discovered is that it’s when you take the I out of the equation everything is more enjoyable. It’s not what you have that makes you happy it’s what you choose to do with it. If we begin to ask our self the question; “How can I make this day/event/week/weekend the best?” I think we’ll enjoy our life and even make it more enjoyable for others around us.

“It’s not what you have but it’s what you make it”!    

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